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Oregon Higher Ed Commission Approves Student Success-Centric Funding Model for Community Colleges

Oregon is changing how $550 million-plus in annual local and state taxpayer funding will be distributed to the state’s 17 community colleges.Ben CannonBen Cannon

This new approach – approved by Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) – is a student-focused distribution model that allocates a portion of money to support Oregon’s community college student success and equity. State taxpayer funds – up to 10% – will be distributed, with a proportion of funding based on enrollment of underserved groups and weighted funding based on completion and success of specified underserved groups.

As it stands, the community colleges funding model distributed funds almost entirely based on student enrollment, which did not incorporate student success components.

“For the first time, we are strategically dedicating a proportion of taxpayer funding to improving student success at Oregon’s 17 community colleges, while continuing the foundational funding that is focused on getting students in the door and supporting the incredible programs these colleges offer,” said Ben Cannon, executive director of the HECC. “This change is good news for students, for colleges, for Oregon’s diverse regions and communities, and for all our partners who are working together to better support thriving futures for Oregonians from underserved populations across the state.”

The new method is expected to take effect in fiscal year 2025.


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