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Vassar College and DCC Announce Partnership to Benefit Students

Vassar College and Dutchess Community College (DCC) announced it has partnered in an agreement that allows full-time students from one college to enroll in up to two courses a year at the other college, tuition free, effective immediately.

Dutchess Community College president Dr. Pamela Edington and Vassar College president Dr. Elizabeth BradleyDutchess Community College president Dr. Pamela Edington and Vassar College president Dr. Elizabeth Bradley

The new policy came to be after previous discussions that the two institution presidents, DCC president Dr. Pamela Edington and Vassar president Dr. Elizabeth Bradley, have had over the last couple of months on different issues, according to a Vassar College announcement.

β€œVassar College and DCC have unique capabilities that can benefit the other,” said Bradley. β€œIt only makes sense that we would collaborate to help expand the educational possibilities on both campuses.”

The two institutions are less than 15 minutes apart from each other in Poughkeepsie, New York, making the trip to and from either school fairly easy for all Vassar and DCC students.

Students from either college will be able to select the courses they take at the partner college, including the ability to take summer courses at DCC. Vassar does not offer summer classes.