San Diego State University Suspends All Fraternities Amid Student Death

Dr. Adela de la TorreDr. Adela de la Torre

After the death of San Diego State University (SDSU) freshman Dylan Hernandez last week, the school suspended all Interfraternity Council-affiliated organizations, according to USA Today.

Hernandez allegedly attended a fraternity event, where he later was taken to the hospital. However, the police are still investigating the cause behind his death.

Prior to this incident, six of the 14 organizations were already suspended and four were under investigation.

“Each of us, including our students, must uphold the highest standards that do not put the health and safety of anyone at risk,” said SDSU President Dr. Adela de la Torre in a statement. “As a mother, nothing can replace the profound loss of a child and the devastating heartbreak the family and their loved ones are experiencing. All of us in the Aztec family are sending our prayers and are here to support the family.”