Nazareth College Investigating Incident of Students Involved in Blackface Video

Nazareth College is investigating who was involved in an “offensive” and “troubling” video showing a student in blackface, reported the Democrat and Chronicle.

College president Daan Braveman said in a letter to students, staff and faculty thaNazaretht he received angry emails about the video posted by one or two students which featured a Nazareth student.

“Let me be clear,” Braveman said Tuesday in a statement. “The history of blackface is rooted in racism, which has no place on our campus. I understand and share your anger and disgust.”

Even though students are not on campus due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the college’s code of conduct still applies, reported the Democrat and Chronicle.

“This incident will be dealt with swiftly and appropriately following our official student code of conduct,” said Braveman . “We are convening a student conduct hearing board to conduct a formal hearing. The board will conduct the hearing and issue sanctions as appropriate.”