Black Pennsylvania Student Wins $40,000 Damages in Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

A district judge ordered a Pennsylvania restaurant to pay $40,000 in damages to a Black Lebanon Valley College student who alleged the eatery called him the N-word and refused to serve him, reported Penn Live.053116 Lawsuit

Ricky Lee Bugg Jr. was a junior at the college in 2017 when the incident occurred at Just Wing It, a restaurant in Annville, Pennsylvania. The student lodged a complaint in 2018.

The court entered a default judgment against the restaurant last year after it didn’t file a reply to Bugg’s suit.

The judge told the restaurant to pay Bugg $20,000 for the emotional distress and humiliation he suffered and another $20,000 in punitive damages for “the intentional and willful act of degrading Bugg because of his race.”