U of Cincinnati to Remove Marge Schott’s Name From Baseball Stadium

The University of Cincinnati will remove the name of Marge Schott from its baseball stadium to disassociate from her “record of racism and bigotry.”Baseball

Schott’s name will also be removed from another space on campus. The university board’s decision comes after a recommendation from president Neville G. Pinto.

“Marge Schott’s record of racism and bigotry stands at stark odds with our University’s core commitment to dignity, equity and inclusion,” Pinto said in a statement. “My recommendation to the board to remove her name is grounded in the firm belief that speaking out against exclusion is as essential as speaking up for inclusion. I hope this action serves as an enduring reminder that we cannot remain silent or indifferent when it comes to prejudice, hate or inequity.”

This is the second name removal at the university in recent months. In December, the university removed the name of slave owner Charles McMicken from its College of Arts and Sciences.