The University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education to Host Virtual Event to Discuss Systemic Racism

Dr. Suzanne RosenblithDr. Suzanne Rosenblith

The University at Buffalo (UB) Graduate School of Education plans to host a two-day virtual event to discuss activism, racial injustice and systemic racism in higher education.

As part of the instruction, “Make Good Trouble” Now: Teach-In for Racial Equity,” over 80 sessions will be held Sep. 3-4. Some speakers include authors Drs. Bettina L. Love,  Ali Michael and psychologist Carlton Green, UB reported.

Classes and other activities will be cancelled as all faculty, staff and students from UB’s Graduate School of Education are required to participate in the event.

“The Graduate School of Education recognizes that it cannot make good on its mission and vision or on its commitment to equity, diversity, justice and inclusion without ensuring that all faculty, staff and students have a more fundamental understanding of the systematic violence against Black people and the role that education has played and continues to play in perpetuating systems of oppression,” said Dr. Suzanne Rosenblith, dean of the UB Graduate School of Education.