Netflix Founder Reed Hastings Funds 20 Scholarships at Robert Morris University

Netflix founder and co-CEO Reed Hastings is donating $3 million for 20 full scholarships at Robert Morris University, Trib Live reported.

Reed HastingsReed Hastings

The four-year scholarships — money for room, board and textbooks — will be set aside for underrepresented groups and others who “demonstrate a commitment to empowering members of underrepresented groups, combating stereotypes, and enabling others to better understand persons of different races, ethnicities, or other traits,” a Robert Morris spokesman said.

“It is critical that universities create pathways and pipelines of talent, especially for Black students and other underrepresented minorities for our knowledge-based economy,” Hastings said.

The Robert Morris Next Century Scholarships will be available to students enrolling this fall. They are meant for students pursuing careers in technology or mathematics-related fields.