Colgate University to Become Tuition-Free for Families With Incomes Less than $80,000

Colgate University will be tuition-free for families with an income of less than $80,000. The effort is part of the Colgate Commitment: An Initiative in Access and Affordability.

Colgate University E1622649362607Families with income levels between $80,000-$125,000 will, on average, pay 5% of income for tuition.

Families with income levels $125,000-$150,000 will, on average, pay 10% of income for tuition.

Initial funding of $1 million for the Commitment has been provided by members of Alumni Council and Presidents’ Club, through the Colgate Fund.

Colgate will seek $25 million more in gifts during the next three years to fund the program perpetually.