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Tyton Partners Study the Gap Between Dreaming of Equity and Achieving Equity

Tyton Partners have released their annual update for three reports: “Hitting their Stride” “Time for Class”, and “Driving Toward a Degree.” These studies analyze the gap between institutions recognizing the need for equitable changes and the actuality of making those changes. This year, for the first time, the results of all three have been compiled.

Tyton Partners is an advisory firm that analyzes growth in the education, information, and media market.

Kristen FoxKristen Fox

“Perceptions of the prioritization of equity. … very much depend on the communities in which a respondent sits and how they identify,” said Gates Bryant, a partner at Tyton Partners.

Over 2,000 higher education institutions, and just under 9,000 people, responded to Tyton Partner’s annual surveys.

Tyton found that, while most respondents said their institution was working toward equity, crucial equitable practices, like disaggregating data by race, were uncommon. And, while some institutions are making improvements to their technological and infrastructural policies, these changes unfold in a way that does not equally benefit all students.

Two thirds of the participating faculty and staff who work in equity-centered fields say that equity is a priority at their institution. However, those who work with higher proportions of poverty-affected students and students of color were more likely to agree that equity was truly connected to institutional policy. Faculty at these institutions were also more likely to say their institution was making strides toward achieving a more equitable digital learning environment, although many students still struggle to access the technical support they need.

All three reports indicate a universal, shared belief that diversity in faculty, administration, and staff should reflect the diversity of the student body, and that diversity in those positions has a positive impact.

“We believe this research contributes to helping institutions take important steps in the right direction to closing crucial equity gaps in educational outcomes,” said Kristen Fox, the managing director of Tyton Partners.

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