Achieving the Dream Adds Five Colleges to its 2021 Cohort Promoting Student Success and Equity

Dr. Karen StoutDr. Karen Stout

Achieving the Dream (ATD) has added five community colleges to its 2021 cohort.

ATD president and CEO Dr. Karen A. Stout said that the colleges selected are willing to examine how they engage with students and “take a hard look at where [they] are falling short.”

The five institutions will join with ATD for the next three years, learning the best ways to improve student equity and success. ATD will provide these institutions with guidance and mentorship on how to become student-centered and how to use data to prevent the creation of equity and success barriers.

Member institutions in the 2020 cohort include: Southeast Arkansas College, working to respond more to the needs of its local community; Middlesex Community College, working to institutionally support equity; East Mississippi Community College, looking to retain more students through evidence of success; Central Ohio Technical College, aiming to meet an Ohio state requirement for retention; and Madison College, looking to put data at the center of its decision-making processes.