Survey Finds That 34% of White College Applicants Lied About Their Race

A recently released survey found that 34% of white Americans who applied to college falsely claimed onSharon Mccutcheon E Mp4s Ypj9x0 Unsplash their applications that they are a minority. According to, the top reason white college applicants lied about their race is to improve their chances of being admitted. The survey also found that 50% of white college applicants lied to try to get access to minority-focused financial aid.

According to the survey results, men are three times as likely than women to lie about their race on a college application. Also, according to the study, 48% of all survey respondents who lied about their race identified themselves as Native Americans. The study also found that 13% of respondents falsely claimed to be Latino, 10% claimed to be Black, and 9% claimed to be Asian or Pacific Islander.

In total, according to, 1,250 White Americans were surveyed and the survey was was conducted on July 13, 2021.