Business School Dean Steps Down Amid Allegations that he Lied About Credentials

Mario Enzler, dean of the University of St. Thomas Cameron School of Business, has stepped down amid allegations that he lied on his resume, KHOU reported.University Of St Thomas Cameron Business School

The allegations were that Enzler lied about his education.

According to the Houston Chronicle, concerned faculty members fact-checked Enzler's resume after having doubts about his leadership. The faculty reportedly discovered that the university where he said that he received his doctorate, did not even offer Ph.Ds. Additionally, they alleged that the institution where he claimed he received his bachelor's degree, was a high school.

The school has confirmed that it accepted Enzler’s resignation, but did not give a reason. His biography has been removed from the school website.

“On Friday afternoon, the University of St. Thomas received and accepted Mario Enzler's resignation,” a statement from St. Thomas read. “Our focus is now on the future of the Cameron School of Business and serving our students through this transition period."