$4.2 Million Will Be Distributed to 14 Montana Colleges To Support Low-Income Students

Fourteen Montana colleges and universities will receive roughly $4.2 million from the Department of Education for TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) “in an effort to increase retention and graduation rates for low-income students,” reports The Great Falls Tribune.

“My parents always said — and I still believe — that public education is the great

Sen. Jon TesterSen. Jon Tester

equalizer in this country,” said Sen. Jon Tester in a press release this week. “Now, as co-chair of the Congressional TRIO Caucus, I’m proud to have led the fight to secure this funding that will help make sure Montanans who are from low-income backgrounds, are first generation students, or have disabilities can access a world class education at Montana’s colleges and universities.”

Several tribal colleges are among the universities slated to receive the funding this August.

Of the $4.2 million, $209,091 will go to the University of Providence; $322,065 to Fort Peck Community College; $294,725 to the University of Montana Western; $261,887 to Montana Tech; $346,366 to Rocky Mountain College; $384,759 to Flathead Valley Community College; $261,888 to Montana State University Billings; $168,312 to Chief Dull Knife College; $485,336 to University of Montana; $362,740 to Montana State University Billings; $261,888 to Montana State University-Northern; $261,888 to Montana State University; $261,888 to Helena College University of Montana; and $347,504 to Salish Kootenai College.