Former Kentucky State President Sues the University - Kentucky State University Fires Back


Dr. M. Christopher Brown IIDr. M. Christopher Brown IIDr. M. Christopher Brown II, former president of Kentucky State University has sued the institution, claiming he was fired without just cause in violation of his contract, and he is owed $270,000 in severance and $10,000 in relocation fees.

In return, the historically Black university has countersued. Kentucky State University representatives said that Brown failed to fulfill his duties as president, damaged the university’s reputation and placed them in financial straits.

Brown said he was forced to resign last summer by the school's board of trustees, finding out he was fired over a period of three days in July 2021. The school's lawsuit said that Brown caused several financial crises and failed to inform the university board about its “true financial condition.”

Brown resigned from the institution on July 20, 2021, in the midst of six other lawsuits brought against university officials for other misconduct. The institution is now under state oversight, and The Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education is asking the state to provide $23 million to cover the school's balance.