Stanford U Considers Holding Some Classes in Tents This Fall

Stanford University is considering holding some classes in tents this fall because of the coronavirus pandemic, reported The Stanford Daily.

The university’s provost Persis Drell said the usage of tents has been discussed as a way to “take advantage of the weather” with the aim of slowing the spread of the coronavirus. “Absolutely nothing is off the table,” Drell said.

Persis DrellPersis Drell

Drell made these comments in a recent video conference with the student newspaper. Stanford president Marc Tessier-Lavigne and School of Medicine dean Lloyd Minor were also part of that video chat.

Tessier-Lavigne said top university officials are talking about a “phased restart” this coming fall. And of the factors that will be considered in reopening are the availability of tests and of means to track and treat the coronavirus. A final decision will only be made in June.

Meanwhile, Stanford’s School of Medicine dean Minor said university researchers are involved in the two clinical trials that are showing some evidence that the drug remdesivir is effective against COVID-19.