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Georgia Military College Has Invested Over $400,000 in COVID-19 Prevention and Detection Equipment

Georgia Military College (GMC) has invested over $400,000 in COVID-19 detection and prevention equipment, including temperature screening devises and ionization units in ventilation systems, reports 13WMAZ.

The ionization units, which cost around $6,000 for larger buildings, work by putting ions into the air stream.

“The ions then attach to the Disinfection 5246340 640virus and break the virus down back into hydrogen and oxygen and carbon just simple elements, so the virus is not effective once it’s broken down,” explained GMC’s vice president of engineering Jeff Gray to WMAZ. According to the school, the ionization units can reduce nearly 95% of COVID-19 in the air stream after 30 minutes.

The school has also bought UV wands that can decontaminate computer keyboards and other surfaces in about five seconds, but staff members must wear safety goggles and gloves when using them in-between classes. Additionally, students must have their temperatures checked every morning.

“I would say it’s little weird at first, but it seems like I’ve quickly gotten used to the situation here at GMC, but I feel safe, relatively safe coming back to school,” GMC student Kamori Moss told WMAZ.

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