Educause Releases Studies on Enterprise Systems, Distance Learning

Educause Releases Studies on Enterprise Systems, Distance Learning
By Ronald Roach


The EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research (ECAR) recently published two new comprehensive research studies on enterprise systems and distance learning in higher education.

The study, “The Promise and Performance of Enterprise Systems for Higher Education,” evaluates why institutions invested heavily to renew systems between 1997 and 2002, what affected the outcomes of these projects, implementers’ levels of satisfaction, the role these systems will play in future campus IT architectures, and how they will enhance institutional performance. The study, which was authored by Robert B. Kvavik of the University of Minnesota and senior fellow of ECAR, and Richard N. Katz, EDUCAUSE vice president and ECAR director, and ECAR associates, incorporates nearly 500 college and university survey responses and more than 100 interviews with Enterprise Resource Planning software suppliers and leaders.

The second study, “Strategies for Supporting Off-Campus Growth” conducted in association with Eduventures Inc., analyzes strategies for establishing and evaluating distance-learning programs by campus-based colleges and universities. Based on qualitative interviews, the study covers mission, financial goals, market reach and brand, and institutional competencies for success. Extensive case studies illustrate successful strategies and competencies.

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